About Us

When an award-winning 3D conversion studio was searching for a high speed data transfer solution and couldn’t find on to meet their needs, they built their own...and so, Jetstream was born. Cumul8 is a team of data experts led by gaming and entertainment industry veterans whose portfolio includes:

  • Cumul8 - a complete and interactive Big Data IoT platform that unlocks hidden data narratives through unique data visualizations and powerful data science to help users make better and faster business decisions.
  • Stratus - a comprehensive data management solution for digital asset organization, processing, versioning, retrieval, protection, and archiving.
  • Jetstream - a high speed file transfer platform


The Jetstream Difference

There have been significant advances in accelerated file transfer technology and the need to move data quickly and securely. Enter Jetstream…

Jetstream provides maximum throughput and performance over high latency and unreliable connections. It has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with your custom workflows and tools, while transfer-level encryption keeps your data highly safe at all stages.

We strive to make our tool a pivotal key to your business success. Let us show you the Jetstream difference.